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About Study in Philippines

When thinking of Studying MBBS in Abroad the first country comes into our mind is Philippines. MBBS in Philippines is the best option because Philippines is a Center of Medical Education around the world. All of the Medical Colleges and Medical Courses offered by these Colleges are recognized worldwide. The Medical Colleges in Philippines provides high-quality education thus the students can gain Practical Knowledge with a huge number of lab exercises. Because of these reasons Indian Students shows interest to Study MBBS in Philippines.

And more over Why Indian Students preferring Philippines apart from other countries like China, Russia is because of language. Philippines is an English Speaking Country. The most important thing that attracts Indian Students towards Philippines is its cost of Studies. The Studying Cost in Philippines is very less compared to the India. It cost between 11-22 Lakhs. With these reasons, Philippines has become the education hub for thousands of aspiring Foreign Medical Students from 65 Countries. According to the Bureau of Immigration Reports, the Abroad Students Studying in Philippines has increased from 26,000 to 61,000.

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